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[GUIDE] Useful A/S Crew (Bar 15-70)

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Well everyone knows how crappy the convene rates are, I experience it first hand in the lvl 50 bar. I got none of the S crew from the 50 bar.. I just wanted Slim Alvida and Tashigi.. But enough of the past, since getting SS are extreme low unless your lucky or spam super call, and so much people are asking which crew is better or what not, I decided to make a guide which crew member will be useful in the long run. I won't be adding SS crew because it's pretty obvious that you need to use them when you get them.

Table of Contents:
1. East Blue Bar
2. South Blue Bar
3. West Blue Bar
4. Team Suggestions

The easiest bar to recruit crew members in. Home of the 2 crew that can be used until 70-80

The strongest crew in the bar. Serviceable until you get a better healer (Chopper, Law, Vivi (debatable))
Equipment: God Set upgraded to 8-10 star to boost up his HP
Passives: Speed Control, Shelter of God

The strongest sniper in the bar. Buggy is still useful from 70-80. His skills is can crit, he can stun. Just like most sniper, Buggy is a glass cannon and needs good positioning to get his full potential.
Equipment: Thunder God Set
Passive: Fast Chase, Moonwalk

Good speed for a swordsman, his skill is guaranteed stun. His mostly useful until 50, in which you can get better swordsman in the 50 bar.
Equipment: Thunder God Set if your using him pass level 40. Wind God Set if your using him pass level 60.
Passive: Mirror Soul, Stout, Warlord's Power

2 turn stunner, Tank. Morgan is good until level 50.
Equipment: Any equipment. Morgan should be replace by Kuroobi/Hatchan once you get to level 50 bar.
Passive: Mirror Soul, Stout, Warlord's Power

Column Damage, he can burn enemies. Shura's usefulness dip down around 60's, the max I would take Shura is 70's.
Equipment: Thunder God Set if your using him until level 60, Wind God pass level 60.
Passive: Moonwalk, Fastchase

AOE, gives random debuffs to enemies. Satori is an excellent crew member to have, Satori's usefulness dips down around the 70 when she gets outclass by better M.Attackers.
Equipment: Thunder God from 40-60. Wind God 60-80. Sea God if your using Satori pass level 80.
Passive: Inspiration, Wind Wing, Holy Counter

One of the best bar to get Tanks that can last you till around mid 80.

The most useful crew in this bar, no question asked. You can easily get Hatchan by low conv. and he will last for 80+. The most solid A crew member you can recruit. It is HIGHLY recommended to recruit him.
Equipment: Thunder God Set from 40-60. Wind God Set from 60-80+
Passive: Warlord's Power, Mirror Soul

Another crew that can last till around mid 80's. 2 turn stun, 80% damage based on target's lost hp. Kuroobi is an amazing tank too. Kuroobi is usually the replacement from Morgan.
Equipment: TG set from 40-60. Wind God from 60-80+
Passive: Warlord's Power, Stout, Mirror Soul

AOE and can silence enemies for 1 turn. Gedatsu is a good replacement for Satori if you want to go AOE team.
Equipment: TG set from 40-60. Wind God from 60-80+
Passive: Shelter of God, Wind Wing, Gale

High damage deal to row, very fast for a swordsman & a semi tank. Tashigi is a nice option if you need a fast swordsman that can tank and deal damage. Needs go positioning to get high damage.
Equipment: Thunder God set from 40-80+
Passive: Mirror Soul, Stout, Warlord's Power

Another optional healer if you didn't get Jango from earlier bar. Krieg works well with AOE team giving them a lot of HP.
Equipment: Thunder God from 40-60, Wind God from 60-80+
Passive: Moonwalk, Fastchase

Slim Alvida:
AOE, no positioning problem. Damage can be low though.
Equipment: Thunder God from 40-60, Wind God from 60-80+
Passive: Speed Control, Shelter of God

This guy deal very high damage with his 200% single damage & he can tank too.
Equipment: Thunder God from 40-60, Wind God from 60-80+
Passive: Mirror Soul, Stout, Warlord's Power

There's barely any useful crew here. There's like 5 useful crew, 2 of them are SS to booth..

High skill damage & silence an enemy.
Equipment: Wind God Set 60-80, Sea God set from 80+
Passive: Speed Control, Shelter of God

Dizzy Dance is amazing, she's best healer that you can recruit in a bar unless you invest of Jango.
Equipment: Wind God Set
Passive: Inspiration, Holy Counter

Mr 2:
high damage dealer in a column & his skill can crit & a good tanker too. Use him if you don't have swordsman like kuroobi or Hatchan.
Equipment: Thunder God set
Passive: Mirror Soul, Stout, Warlord's Power

Suggestion Team
Here are some combinations you can use to help you reach lvl 87 (:

lvl 15 bar:

lvl 50 bar combinations:

"A" Team
Jango - TG set/WG set
Hatchan - TG set/WG set
Kuroobi - TG set/WG set
Cabaji - TG set/WG set

"AOE" Team
Satori - TG set/WG set
Alvida - TG set/WG set
Hatchan - TG set/WG set
Krieg/Jango - TG set/WG set

"S" Team
Buggy - TG
Krieg - TG set/WG set
Satori - TG set/WG set
Alvida/Hatchan/Arlong/Tashigi - TG set/WG set

"Debuff" Team
Buggy - TG set
Satori - TG set/WG set
Shura - TG set/WG set
Gedatsu - TG set/WG set

Lvl 70 bar combinations

"Best crew to have in 70 if you don't have SS" Team
Hatchan - TG/WG
Buggy - TG
Smoker - WG
Vivi - WG

"A/S 50 bar" Team
Jango - TG/WG which ever one is more upgraded
Hatchan - WG
Kuroobi/Arlong - WG
Buggy/Tashigi - TG

Well that's some of a skeleton team that I can give you. Try mix and matching some crews recommended here and tell if it works and I'll add it here. Some of us aren't lucky enough in the bars that we got try and be creative with what we go right? So that's why I started this guide, to help out some new players who are wondering what crews are good or not.

BIG NOTE: I didn't list most A/S from level 70/80 for a reason. By that level you should have at least low conv. Jango/Hatchan/Kuroobi those 3 will be a major part of your crew 'till you get Vivi/Smoker/Enel/Croc in the 70 or  Ace/Boa/Mihawk/BB in 80. There is no point of using other A/S rank from the 70/80 bar because 70-87 you need to focus of making the crew you have stronger to be able inherit to AB1 crew. The only time you take out your 15/50 A/S is when you get 70 SS or vivi/smoker or the big 4 SS of lvl 80.

Note: If you have some crew that you think is good or worth using till 50 or mid 80, just state it here and I'll go check and test them out.
Note3: I won't add in SS crew yet because this guide is from people who has no luck on getting SS. This guide is for people who needs help trying to build a team with a collection of A/S crew.

Special Crew:

Kuro - Kuro is best utilize in WB event. Because of his skill, he can double attack WB for 10k.

- Make the guide look nicer
- Need a better title LOL

Credits: PPwikia for the nice looking pictures (:

Nice guide wildeagle18, but you should add one more item to your 'To Do List':- who is the girl in your avatar? and is it the same in your signature?


Nice Guide


Nice guide.. keep it up! and add some SS ranks too! ^_^


Reply 2# ph3nixx

Yep same girl (: Her name is Dannie Riel!

Reply 3# tashiro_10
Thanks (: I'll update the guide later to make it look nicer

Reply 4# BryanÜ
I'll add in SS rank once the A/S crew list is complete


jango TG
kurobi TG/S rank Set
hatchan TG/WG Set
pearl(bala) TG/SG Set or Shoujou WG Set
this crew members will be good enough to reach lvl 90+(also main quest) or until u get SS or AB crew
they are all A so u could have more chance gettin them via low convene
U could call them (Free User team or Dont want to use gold team)


Reply 6# Fvker

I shall add this team in once I finish re-organizing the thread (:


You forgot to add kuro, the king of Whitebeard Event


Reply 8# ispammable

Thanks (: Will add him later tonight! Any recommended set for Kuro during WB event?


Just regular A/S gears, you just use him for WB.


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