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[Guide] All Blue Recruiting System

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Ok so i decided to do a guide on the All Blue system since i reached 87 couple of days ago.
Here are the things i have figured out so far, anything you want to add or correct me please feel
free to do it.

1. You unlock the All Blue Bar at level 87 and the recruitment system is similar to a monopoly.
    Once you reach 87 an icon will appear on the top of your screen

2. And you can access the interface from there which looks like this

3. To gain fame you roll the dice and you move around the islands of the bar to gain fame.
  Depending on the island you will land after 1 roll you will get fame.
  You only get 5 rolls per day.

4.On certain islands it may ask you to spend some extra gold (20g) or silver (1m) to gain some extra fame.

5.There is also the "FINAL" island kinda like the start of the monopoly. When you pass that island you get 20 extra fame.
If you land on it you only get 20 fame.

6. Once you've done the 5 free tries of the day if you want to continue you must spend 100 gold to get another 10 tries.

7.If you land on certain islands instead of fame they will give you 1 extra roll

8. To get an All Blue Crew you must spend 2400 fame and you can NOT pick one. It's random.
   Basically you get about 50-70 fame daily without from the free tries and if you spend
  100 gold for the free tries you get about 150-170 in total. (Only 3-4 days in it so it may be a little off).
  You'll need about 45-60 days if you won't use any gold and about 15 days if you use 100 gold every day.

9. Crew you can recruit from all blue bar are :
    Kuma , Jinbe , Franky , Doc Q , Doflamingo , Robin , Chopper , Laffite , Van Augur , Burgess

I will post some info about each crew later on.

Hope you liked it.
Syrup Village S4

PS: A mod please change the title there is a mistake there
BlackIce Edit :Title changed

very nice guide gj


so the minimum fame u can get daily is 50? and how many times can u re-try?


Not minimum, you may get less but the average is 50-70.
You get 5 free tries each day.
Spend another 100 gold to get another 10 tries.
Spend another 200 gold to get another 10 tries.


Reply 3# Fvker

    no its not today i got only ~ 30 fame
    cuz of no luck with dice




and u get crew at random, or u choose?


you get a random crew each time you spent 2400 fame.


but the good point is, there's no more B or A rank crew


great guide..thanks and keep it up
Nami Nami Nami ~ ~ ~


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