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Help with my crew plsss... ^_^

Which is better to recruit Kuro or Kuroobi and Why?

I have Jango, Gedatsu, Buggy, Slim Alvida, Gin, Rene...
I need advice of who must be my crews. Help please thanks!

Kuroobi is definitely better than Kuro. For one, he can tank and his skill can also stun too. Taking crews to battles definitely depend on your playing style, but I was on your shoe then I would pick Kuro, Jango, Gedatsu and Buggy


Reply 2# lblackcat

well thanks! But why would you rather pick kuro if you have said that kuroobi is definitely better than kuro?
just wonderin...


Reply 3# insecticide_21

the reason is so simple, different players wants different crew setup, kuro has high speed therefore it can hit twice before anyone else on his skill turn. Kurobi has high dmg output due to his skill calculation exact same as morgan (1 hit KO irregardless your def once your hp is down to 44%) do the calculation yourself.

I woulld say kuro and kurobi on the same line so after 2 hits by kuro his hp would be near to 44%


ok thanks.... maybe i'll recruit kuroobi first then hope for kuro next time.
thanks for all your help!


Reply  lblackcat

well thanks! But why would you rather pick kuro if you have said that kuroobi is  ...
insecticide_21 Posted at 2012-9-2 09:29

Ooops sorry, typo error. I forgot to add the -obi after Kuro hehe. What I really meant was Kuroobi.


ahaha... it's ok. glad to have the right pick. I just recruited Kuroobi recently.


kuroobi is better than kuro, because kuroobi is kuro+obi.


haha. but what/who is obi anyway?

TOP wan kenobi ._.

Ok, now seiously, In normal combats, without A,S, or SS characters, use him as defense for the low HP members, he is very resistant. For A, S or SS character, put him in the line where the bos character is, to stun the boss


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