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Shadow Shop

Hi guys, I'm Lv.50 just by now. And I want to ask something, is there anyone who can explain the Shadow Shop for me, and what is it for?

Theres some guides on the guide section if you look but the basics.

Shadows can be equipped like equipment. You unlock slots to equip them at 30+. You can only equip 1 of the same type of shadow (HP, Attack, Dodge, etc) at a time.

Shadows are levelled by feeding weaker shadows or shadows with lower XP to stronger shadows. A shadow can only eat a type lower than it (S can eat A, A cannot eat S) and can only eat a shadow with less exp then it (a 50k exp shadow can eat a 25k but not the other way around).


There are currently 7 kinds of shadow demons available: Critical Hit Shadow Demon, Hit Shadow Demon, Dodge Demon, Physical Attack Shadow Demon, Magical Attack Shadow Demon, Speed Shadow Demon and HP Shadow Demon.

Based from thenew Pockie Pirates Updated


There are many posts about this why dont you check the guides, its even colored bright red. ... &extra=page%3D1


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