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Pockie Pirates - 2012 London Olympics Event

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The 2012 London Olympics are here! To celebrate, Pockie Pirates is holding a special event with a Grand Prize of 5x Warship Upgrade Card, 5x Advanced Call-up, 5x Super Silver Card, 4x Lvl.3 Shell Chests for EVERYONE! Check out the details below:

25 Questions, 25 Points. How many can you get right?
Each day, starting on July 30th, there will be 1-2 new posts in our Events forum. These posts will include a poll and ask you to vote on a random 2012 Olympics-related question (for example: “Who will win event X: Country A or country B?”).

However, this is a team effort and only the answer with the most votes is counted as the Pockie Pirates Community Final Answer. If the official answer is right, then everybody gets 1 point. There will be a total of 25 posts (and 25 questions). If you’re not sure of which to vote for, then be sure to talk with others on the forums!

So what do these points do?
Make you rich! At the end of the event (and 25 questions), we’ll create a gift pack for EVERYONE to redeem, with the reward being based on the total number of points. And… here are the prizes!

25 Points (Grand Prize): 5x Warship Upgrade Card, 5x Advanced Call-up, 5x Super Silver Card, 4x Lvl.3 Shell Chests
20-24 Points: 4x Warship Upgrade Card, 4x Advanced Call-up, 4x Super Silver Card, 3x Lvl.3 Shell Chest
15-19 Points: 3x Warship Upgrade Card, 3x Advanced Call-up, 3x Super Silver Card, 2x Lvl.3 Shell Chest
10-14 Points: 2x Warship Upgrade Card, 2x Advanced Call-up, 2x Super Silver Card, 1x Lvl.3 Shell Chest
1-9 Points: 1x Warship Upgrade Card, 1x Advanced Call-up, 1x Super Silver Card, 3x Lvl.1 Shell Chest

25 Points?! But that’s almost impossible!
Don’t worry, depending on how the event goes, we might offer chances for bonus points! Never give up hope and do your best for the Grand Prize!

Why is this being hosted on the forums instead of Facebook?
There are multiple reasons, but most importantly for easier organization and the ability to close polls. I know a number of you have never even visited our forums, but you can log on directly with your normal account, Facebook account, or Google account.

Good luck and have fun!

Pockie Pirates Operations Team
July 27th, 2012

how to answer the question ?


So... the daily poll goes for the whole day?


awesome lest do it


wooot....... no harm in joining ><


this would be good


when will it start?


this will be nice event


lets get it on


cool event..^^


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