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[Strategy] Dungeon Match Layouts(Up:WRONG)

Post Last Edited by confusions at 2012-8-31 23:22

Post Last Edited by confusions at 2012-8-31 23:22

All Data Is Now Wrong, Reconstruction Unknown.

D80: Hps globally reduced by 33%, Passives/shells/shadows added, Skill changes(minor), Positions the same.

ThunderGod Dungeon Lv40
WindGod Dungeon Lv60
SeaGod Dungeon Lv80

This is my Dungeon Layout Guide its purpose is to inform players of f3 things:
-Skills,health, General Speed

I will not be going over when/how you do dungeons or about the scrolls This guide is purely to help beat the matches.
Use guides for those topics such as destinys, if you cant find something ask and I will reply, but It wont be in the guide itself.
Note: 90% of this guide was created in photoshop using copy paste, Let me know if somethings wrong.

This information can be the difference of getting 60stars days if not weeks sooner than using brute force
for players who are willing to move their crew members around and plan ahead.
This information is of little use in the normal story line since you can easily do the fight twice, You can see their
layout before hand and can move depending on their skills and fight a second time if you fail. In dungeons this
penalty is far harsher since as soon as you win you can no longer repeat the fight even if you only get 1 star.

The layouts will be posted is groups of 2.
The top layout goes with the units on the left.
The bottom layout goes with units on the right.
Units are ordered Left to Right, Top to Bottom.

Speed to act first has been added in green.
####<: means the speed was to slow and acted last
<#### :means the speed was quick enough to act first
Greater than lesser than sharks for the noobs

ThunderGod Dungeon Lv40
1: Peppoko Mermaids Tear          2: Alvida Heart of Nerve
speed <2800                               speed <2800

3: Morgan Heart of Wit          4: Helmeppo Heart of Mercy
speed <2800                               speed <2800

5: Mohji Mermaids Tear          6: Cabaji Mermaids Tear
speed <2800                               speed <2800

7: Buggy Thunder Jade          8: Drake Mermaids Tear
speed <2800                               speed <2800

9: Dan Bill Heart of Nerve          10: Barbarossa Heart of Wit
speed <2800                               speed <2800

11: Buchi Heart of Mercy          12: Jango Mermaids Tear
speed <2800                             speed 2800 < ? < 3800

13: Sham Mermaids Tear          14: Kuro Thunder Jade
speed 2800< ? < 3800                speed 2800 < ? < 3800

15: Mainwaring Heart of Nerve          16: Easton Heart of Wit
speed 2800< ? < 3800                speed 2800 < ? < 3800

17: Singleton Thunder Jade          18: Jester Heart of Mercy
speed 2800< ? < 3800                speed 2800 < ? < 3800
Fixed: Thanks khuanoz

19: Olivia De Mermaids Tear         20: Ironfist FullBody Thunder Jade
speed 2800< ? < 3800                speed 2800 < ? < 3800


Post Last Edited by confusions at 2012-8-28 15:33

WindGod Dungeon Lv60

1: Hustle Mermaids Tear            2: Gin Heart of Nerve

3:Ideaman Heart of Wit          4: Iron Wall Pearl Heart of Mercy

5: Krieg Emerald            6: Chess Heart of Nerve

7: Kuromarimo Heart of Wit         8: Wapol Mermaids Tear   

9: Anne Mermaids Tear            10: Michael Moore Heart of Mercy

11: Jack Mermaids Tear           12: Ballard Heart of Nerve

13: Stakis Heart of Wit          14: Kid Emerald  

15: Chew Mermaids Tear            16: Hatchan Heart of Mercy

17: Kuroobi Mermaids Tear             18: Arlong Emerald  

19: Campacino Mermaids Tear            20: Don Accino Emerald  

SeaGod Dungeon Lv80
Quicker than the first two by miles and it still took a few hours-
But its finally here so stop bugging me D:

1: Kunt Mermaids Tear                 2: Thomas Tew Heart of Nerve

3: Grand Mermaids Tear               4: Henry Morgan Heart of Wit

5: Stalker Mermaids Tear              6: Sharinguru Heart of Mercy

7: Tashigi Mermaids Tear              8:Smoker Turquoise

9: Blondie Heart of Nerve             10: Ace Mermaids Tear

11: Davis Heart of Wit                  12: Samuel Mermaids Tear

13: William Macy Heart of Mercy    14: Roberts Turquoise

15: Galdino Heart of Nerve           16: Daz Bones Mermaids Tear

17: Bon Kurei Heart of Wit             18: Crocodile Turquoise

19: Van Augar Heart of Mercy        20: Marshall D. Teach Turquoise
The Van Augar snipers Icon has its hue changed, this is because although a Sniper IS there
the copy gave me a blank square, I dont know which sniper is actually in the position.



This is a great addition!
Thanks for making this.

I'm always forgetting what each of the characters' skills are.
This'll definitely help me out, to place my crew perfectly.


Thanks for the opinion. I started to fear people had no interest in it since its had no response so far. Glad to see someone with a strong guide themselves liked it


Guides like this help a lot when you know what formation your up against. Kudos man


And here I thought the topic would rot. I do have the first dungeon half made up I just gotta mix the pictures together might also restructure the post as well Tom.


this is a nice guide confusions, but i am still unable to use it couse im still 50 -_-!
i do the same when do lvl 40 dungeon and it is f.uc.king uselfull.
+you give the picture and the skill they have.
if i can request, you make the guide for lvl 40 dungeon too
thanks for sharing!


GAHH. I have it I jsut gotta finish it. I know the infos more important in the 40 dungeon so I should really get it up. Il tell you what. Within 5hours it will be UP! Or....Il burn 1mil silver on nothing!.


thank you very much confusion. try using this guide to complete all star at 40 dungeon.
finally all star at lvl 53.... every battle is long game...
almost trembling every battle hope get 3 star


On of the Best most useful Guides!


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