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i need help on how to use this shards or whats the purpose of shard items ... i've been reading posts in the forum but i cant find a post about shards ... thanks!!!!!

shard items like "Sword of Justice [1/2]" are only components of the actual whole item. You will need "Sword of Justice [1/2]" + "Sword of Justice [1/2]" to make one "Sword of Justice".
just refer to the [1/2] at the end, if it says 1/2, you need to find 2 of the same type. If it says 1/6, you need to find 6 of the same type.


Reply 2# Nico Robin

    thanks ... can you give me a link or a thread or guide where can i find a pair of shards???? thanks again


Reply 3# adambryanson25

    in battles, as you click on the enemy for example "sniper leader", look for drops on the description box, it should say what loot it could drop.


thanks to both, I was looking for that info too. thanks again.


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