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[Strategy] Dungeon Guide

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Grakk - Server 01 Fushia Village

Since you Cannot see the formation of fights before entering them in a dungeon, this guide will show formations of each fight in order so you can get optimum results easier and faster.

Dungeon's are first accessed at level 40.  To access them you go to the dungeon button at the top as shown on this image once you complete talking to Sanji in Baratie.  

You can do each dungeon once a day for free, starting at level 40.   At level 60 the second dungeon is unlocked and so forth.  After the first try, it will cost you 50g to do again, then 100g, then 150g for the fourth and final try each day.  You also are required to do two dungeons a day for the secretary daily task if you wish to get full liveliness rewards.

At that point it brings you to a standard battle field like any map.

Dungeon 1:  Battle of East Blue.
This dungeon requires level 40+

1.) Peppoko

2.) Alvida

3.) Morgan

4.) Helmeppo

5.) Mohji

6.) Cabaaji

7.) Buggy

8.) Drake

9.)Dan Bill

10.) Barbarossa

11.) Buchi

12.) Jango

13.) Sham

14.) Kuro

15.) Mainwaring

16.) Easton

17.) Singleton

18.) Jester

19.) Olivia

20.) Ironfist Fullbody

Dungeon 2: Battle of the Grand Line
This dungeon requires leve 60+ to acess.

1.) Hustle - Mermaid Tears

2.) Gin  - [Heart of Nerve

3.) Ideaman -Heart of Wit

4.) Iron Wall Pearl - Heart of Mercy

5.) Krieg - Emerald

6.) Chess - Heart of nerve

7.) Kuromarimo - Heart of Wit

8.) Wapol - Mermaid Tears

9.) Anne - Mermaid Tears

10.) Michael Moore - Heart of Mercy

11.) Jack - Mermaid Tears

12.) Ballard - Heart of Nerve

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that good Idea , thank !!


surprised someone thought of this one
good job
btw your lacking
ign and server


How do you get to the dungeons, they say level 40 but i still dont see it


you have to do sanji's first quest
after that, you will unlock it
(still need to be lvl 40 min.)

anyone notice how the ships get better the stronger the enemy is?


updated that info in there already angelik =)


very nice, thanks


How about the other three dungeons? I want to see them, as reference.
PP-S1 -Abyss-
PP-S27 BloodyRave


... there are barely any people past lvl 60
snus isnt even lvl 80 so we dont even know those dungeons
lvl 90 is cap so we cant even get to the last one


i made up an excel file of this thing to use from closed beta ;))


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