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Level UP GUys!

In Pockie Pirates, there will be two major things that are holding you back – the level if your Pockie Pirates main character, and the main quest chains that you have completed.

This is because your crew members can use training option to level up fast in Pockie Pirates, however you will have to level up your main character slowly via actual game play. Thus, it is important to always remember to leave auto play on whenever you go to sleep to achieve max EXP gain for your main Pockie Pirate captain.

The daily tasks are great way to boost your main character EXP. Some of the Pockie Pirates related to the tasks that you already do to make your Pockie Pirates crew stronger. Make an effort to tie those tasks into things that you already do to receive bonus experience points to level up faster. Remember to click accept the various daily tasks as well as submitting them for EXP credit.

Always Auto Train
Always remember to turn on the Pockie Pirates auto train function. This function will give your main character EXP boost while you are away, as well as valuable Pockie Pirates silver to upgrade the rest of your gears.

Power Up Your Pockie Pirates Crew
Do everything that you can to enhance and boost your Pockie Pirates gears and make your crew stronger. With stronger characters and gears, you are guaranteed to level up and advance faster because your ability to tackle higher level stages.

Spend Gold Wisely
To really excel in Pockie Pirates and level up faster, you will definitely have to use Pockie Pirates gold. You can either take out your wallet and spend your money on everything that you see, or you can conserve your normal gold gain and use them wisely. Nevertheless, spend gold on places where they will truly matter. Use gold to unlock additional training slots, enhancement queues, and recruit higher rank Senior crews are some of the best ways to put you ahead of the rest of the players.
Crew Specific Training Method

Below are the experience gaining methods that are specifically only for your crew members.

EXP Cards
You can earn various amount of EXP cards to level up your crews fast. The Pockie Pirates EXP card cannot be used on your main character captain. Some of the ways to obtain EXP card include underwater treasures.

Crew Training

You can train your crews for massive amount of experience points for a prolonged period of time with a small amount of silver investment. You should always put your crew members on the timed training so that they always run with you with the maximum potential possible. To level up even faster, consider spending gold to unlock additional crew training slots so that all of your crew members can train and gain EXP.

Crew Speedy Potion Training
When you have earned training potion through Pockie Pirates slaves, you can use those potion to train your crew members. Use this method well to help new recruited members to quickly catch up to your levels.

IGN:        moriGGan
SERVER:  Fushia Village

what about gold training for vip 4?
or luxury training for vip 6?


u have to use GOLD for that i believe and i am not a GOld user myself,, its too expensive for me... but yes if you are rich enuf and have budget then u can open the VIP slots to use GOLD training.. much easier...

i believe its up to VIP 10..


yeah..... this game needs lot of gold xD. But anyway its godest game i ever saw as browser anime.


Your subtitles, being so huge, made it pointless to read the other small text. Well at least the subtitles is the main point lol.


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    is it? should i change it then?


Nice, helped alot


thanks for the tips ^^


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