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[Strategy] How to get A/S/SS Crew

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Hello Everyone, This will be a short Guide on how to recruit The advanced infamous pirates to your Crew.

From The Bar menu which is available lv15 and above, There are three options. [ Convene ] , [ Advance Convene ] , [ Super Convene ]

-Credit goes to Destiny/ lightrequiem for the screenshot

We want to select the advance convene as it has a high chance to get the purples and oranges and red crew.

Q. Why should we choose the advance convene? It cost 50g and I dont want to spend it
A.  This strategy relies on the free tries you accumulate and refreshes everyday.

Note: This strategy is effective when you have VIP 2 or above as you get 2 free tries or more per refresh.

Now as you select members it will go to this format.

-credit goes to for the screenshot

Once you select, you will get members at random and sometimes get the advance members on your selection.

Q. But what if I Miss the Member I want to Pick?
A.  Now this is the information most people tend to miss. You can unlock another panel or you can even unlock all panels. You can unlock another panel by clicking on it and it will ask you to pay gold per unlock

Unlock Tries Gold Prices for Advance Convene
-20G for 1st unlock [ after your free pick ]
-30G for 2nd
-40G for 3rd
-50G for 4th

-Credit goes to dishum21

Unlock Tries Gold prices for Super Convene
-200g for 1st unlock [ after your free pick ]
-300g for 2nd
-400g for 3rd
-600g for 4th

Confirmed on Open Beta. [Sadly it took me all these gold to get jango on super convene]

Want a surefire way to get your favorite east Blue Pirates? especially Buggy?

Heres a solution.
-Make a new account on which server you like.  
-you get free gold giveaway worth 200g + your free gift box per 10 lv + your newbie claim [Newbie claim on Main Page] = 300g
-Make your lv high enough to access Bar.
-you get 6 tries per server and you can get buggy.
-Failed? try again.
[coming soon 11k like Facebook event gives 5 advance call and 100g]

Proven and tested. I got my buggy on server 3. [didn't get my buggy on server 1 after spending 5kg but i got it using this method]

This Trick can get more bang for your gold and I hope this guide helps Players out there.

Im currently playing as:
01 Fushia Village

03 orange Town

i'm very unlucky with advanced convene.... never got a single A or S rank crew member >.>


I got pretty lucky on mine and i got Most of my advance crew on advance convene.


bes score i got was on last day normal convene(30k) got kuroobi and then just missed out on hatchin next try but still 2 times in a row for silver had purple character


i got one s crew member
no a's
used this about 15-17 times


I got S alvida slim and S Buggy, A morgan , S Krieg on Advance convene as well as S Gin in closed beta.


Added info:
20G for first unlock
30G for 2nd
40G for 3rd
50G for 4th( yeah my last card was buggy, I had to open all 5 cards, poor me )


Reply 7# dishum21

    thanks ill edit it right away


how this is a trick but u have to spend gold to flip cards that u pick ... if you say trick, it should be like 90% to get the card u want


Reply 9# Aurora

Sadly You have to spend gold but you can prolly manage it if you have free tries everyday as it refreshes and save your Daily gold login to get your preferred crew. It is more efficient than 500G gold convene.


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