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[Strategy] Level 80 Dungeon v2

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Aye, Pirates, This is IGN: StickyNote from Server 13 Skull Shape Ancient "JAYA ISLAND"  so today I'll show you the CREW FORMATION of Level 80 Dungeon

I forgot to capture image number 1 but i will upload it soon, by the way it is easy to get 3 stars from it.

So, this pictures only shows crew formation. What's with the importance of knowing the enemy's crew formation?

For example, you can counter attack easily using your disablers and block/dodge their highest damager.

All of the blue crews
Elite Sniper: Finger Pistol
Elite Navigator: Heavy Rain
Elite Doctor: Dizzy Dance
*Holy Blessing at (3),(6),(11),(19) ONLY*
Elite Swordsman: Meteor Strike

So what's the importance again of this guide?
well, usually you do not want to let them heal again specially if you are a disabler
you do not want to clear the debuffs you give.

LVL: 80

Meteor Strike

LVL: 81

Heavy Rain

LVL: 82

Heavy Rain

LVL: 83

Black-Sword Flash

LVL: 84

Concussion Shot

LVL: 85

Heavy Rain

LVL: 86


LVL: 87

White Gale

LVL: 88

3000 Worlds

LVL: 89

St. Elmo's Fire

LVL: 90

3000 Worlds

LVL: 91

3000 Worlds

LVL: 92

3000 Worlds

LVL: 93

Heavy Rain

LVL: 94

Candle Wall

LVL: 95

Sparkling Daisy

LVL: 96

Swan Dance

LVL: 97

Super Sandstorm

LVL: 98

Sonic Shooting

LVL: 99

Black Vortex

1. Mermaid Tears
2. Heart of Nerve
3. Mermaid Tears
4. Heart of Wit
5. Mermaid Tears
6. Heart of Mercy
7. Mermaid Tears
8. Turquoise Jade
9. Heart of Nerve
10. Mermaid Tears
11. Heart of Wit
12. Mermaid Tears
13. Heart of Mercy
14. Turquoise Jade
15. Heart of Nerve
16. Mermaid Tears
17. Heart of Wit
18. Turquoise Jade
19. Heart of Mercy
20. Turquoise Jade

that's it! I'll update it if i got something new.
HOPE IT HELPS TO GET YOU 60/60 Stars at Level 80 Dungeon.
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Jaya Island (S13)

Nice guide, I needed that like last week. :| Still, good guide


hey sticky,, make a level 100 guide.. XD


thanks it a big help.perfect it already 60/60 lvl80


thanks it a big help.perfect it already 60/60 lvl80


thanx this guide was very usefull already 60/60 lvl80


thanks for the guide


i cant perfect this dungeon because of the swordsmen with 3000 worlds skill (Davis, Samuel, Roberts).... any tips guys?? i tried putting my sword prot to tank but failed, tried to put enel to tank also failed... both 40k hp


=) thanks

it is useful


I cant perfect dungeon 80 2 stars .in Crocs..
Prot Sword59khp. Jango 65khp Crocs..27khp mihawk 37k hp chopper38khp

Server:Thunder Island


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