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God sets

Which GS should I use on my prot. (navi), tashigi, hatchan, gedatsu and jango and why; I'm lvl 61.

navi, god set, since you're only 61, best choice is wind set.


Thunder god for tashigi very good crazy crits for third target and not bad dmg for second
Hatchan dont need big speed or he gona loose at dmg...  best if he go last so can max dps
Gedatsu = wingod anyway hes fury dont crit + silence faster = chance enemy cant use fury
Jango need max hp and hit imho, big speed sometimes bad so he dont heal at all with it...
Prot Navi... better dont waste sets for him now better later give him sea god and thats all...


TG set, then Sea god set.

Give wind god to either gedatsu, tashigi, or jango.


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